16 Jul

Transforming Home Care Operations with Beacyn: Streamline, Track, and Enhance Accountability

Introduction: In the dynamic and demanding field of home care, managing operations efficiently while ensuring accountability can be a significant challenge. However, with the right tools and technologies, home care providers can streamline their processes and elevate the quality of care they deliver. That's where Beacyn comes in – a...

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01 Jul

4 Business Apps You Didn't Know Existed

Introduction: In the world of business, staying ahead often means embracing innovative technologies that streamline operations and boost productivity. While you may be familiar with popular business apps, there are some hidden gems that can revolutionize the way you work. In this article, we’ll explore four lesser-known business apps that offer...

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16 May

Looking for motivated sales agents on commission basis

Are you a motivated sales professional seeking an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic company at the forefront of mobile app innovation? Look no further! Topcone Inc, a leading provider of cutting-edge mobile applications, is currently seeking passionate agents to join our team and drive sales on a commission-only basis. With...

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15 Apr

Revolutionize Your Event Management with Beacyn App: A Must-Have for Organizers

Introduction: Event planning and management can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to handling signups, attendance, and payments. With the rapid advancements in technology, event organizers are constantly looking for innovative solutions to streamline their processes and improve overall efficiency. That's where the Beacyn app comes into play! This...

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18 Feb

Challenges of tracking medical equipment in Hospitals

Asset Tracking in Hospitals: Keeping track of medical devices and equipment is a critical aspect of hospital operations. Hospitals must know the location, availability, and usage of their assets to ensure that they are readily available for patient care. The following are some of the challenges faced by hospitals in...

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29 Jan

Technological challenges faced by vocational schools

Technological challenges are a major concern for vocational schools in the USA. These challenges can make it difficult for students to receive a quality education and can also limit the ability of schools to provide the resources and tools necessary for success. One of the biggest challenges facing vocational schools is...

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27 Nov

The Benefits of Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Systems

Introduction: In today's fast-paced business environment, it's essential to have effective tools that help streamline operations and increase productivity. One such tool that has become increasingly popular is employee time and attendance tracking systems. By automating the process of tracking employee attendance and work hours, these systems provide numerous benefits...

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24 Sep

These are the problems we solve for our clients

Here are the problems we solve Do you want to develop custom and proprietary software fully tailored to your needs? That's our specialty with over 30 such projects under our belt. Are you spending too much time working out the commission for yourself? We have an application that automatically works it all...

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24 May

Beacyn App For Driver Training Academy

  Beacyn App can be used very successfully by Truck Driver's Academy Monitor and track your Student's Performance in all their activity. Manage Your student's attendance It is very cost-effective because it is on a subscription basis It has a robust dashboard for Business Analytics it has the ability to curate the activities you track and...

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15 May

Beer Keg Asset Management Solution

Never Misplace Another Keg Introduction: The BEACYN beer keg management software and mobile app enable tracking beer kegs in real-time. This provides breweries and suppliers the ability to know exactly where kegs are. This reduces the loss of kegs through the supply chain.   Industry pain points: Beer kegs are pricy Beer kegs often get...

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