Beacyn App can be used very successfully by Truck Driver's Academy
  1. Monitor and track your Student's Performance in all their activity.
  2. Manage Your student's attendance
  3. It is very cost-effective because it is on a subscription basis
  4. It has a robust dashboard for Business Analytics
  5. it has the ability to curate the activities you track and manage.
  6. Also, the ability to get custom exportable data 
  7. Highly customizable and very flexible
  8. We already have a trucking academy here in Southern California that is using this application for the above.
Here is a quick video
  1. Each of the training activities for the Driver that is timed admin can create a CHECK-IN and CHECKOUT code. Activities like
    • Air Brake Inspection
    • Sight Side Reverse
    • Straight Line Reverse
    • Inspection
    • In Truck Not Driving
    • In-Cab Inspection
  2. These QR codes will be posted/put at a convenient place like inside the training truck
  3. Admin will add the students to the portal with their mobile number
  4. Students will use the free Beacyn app that can be downloaded from the app store
  5. They will scan the QR codes using the app.
  6. So when a student is going through these activities during the training, they are timed to record the number of Minutes (HH:MM) they took for these activities.
  7. All this data is then exported from our system to their system. 
  8. This way, they do not need to do a manual entry for all the students thus saving them a lot of time of the instructors as well as the admin staff.