Topcone logo with text: These are the Problems We Solve for Our Clients

These are the problems we solve for our clients

Here are the problems we solve

Do you want to develop custom and proprietary software fully tailored to your needs? That's our specialty with over 30 such projects under our belt.

Are you spending too much time working out the commission for yourself? We have an application that automatically works it all out for you. 

Do you wish you could monitor your employee’s attendance and timekeeping? We have an app that will do all of that for you. 

 Are you spending a lot of time managing and collecting payments and other billing? Our app will help do all of that on your behalf. 

Are you struggling to manage your assets? Once again, we have an application to support you with that. 

Ultimately, we want to help you save money, and to free up your time. And software and technology are some of the best ways to do that. 

  • We upgrade/reinvent legacy software
  • We clean up old messes in the technology stack.
  • We fix custom software disasters created by other development teams.
  • We Create Custom ERP solutions, specific to your business,  with less than 9 months of ROI.

If you have a current business problem, Let’s talk

I bet I can figure out how I can make you more money revamping your technology.