About Us

The Beacyn application is developed by Topcone Inc.

We at Topcone Inc provide custom software development services to many clients since 2005. Our expertise is in the development of Databases, Web Applications, Software solutions, Portals and Mobile apps based on our client’s specific requirements. We have enabled many businesses to harness the power of technology to increase their productivity, enhance their bottom line and take their business to the next level.

Our Mission

Beacyn grew out of a vision to provide a universal mobile app creation tool that enables businesses to be able to create custom mobile apps in minutes.

What Beacyn does is, allows the users to identify what they need, create a custom app, and deploy it instantly. But it goes a few notches more, not only can the business create apps with ease, they can track the app performance and communicate with their audiences.

Beacyn saves you the cost of developing apps in terms of time and resources. You can create your apps in minutes,

Beacyn framework also offers easy updates and is highly customizable. And No coding knowledge needed. 

We hope you will find Beacyn a useful tool for your business as well as your personal life. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions at all times.

Why Choose us ?

With beacyn, you can create custom mobile apps tailored for your business in minutes. Some use cases are
  • Consignments & Hand Delivery
  • Electronic & Mobile Assets
  • Onsite & Field Employees
  • Security Personnel
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Order Management
  • Performance Tracking
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Mobile Businesses Marketing
  • ...... and a lot more

Top Level Features

Build Your Own Custom Mobile Apps in Minutes

Asset Tracking Apps

Time & Attendance Apps

Data Collection Apps

Real Estate






Communication Apps

Use Cases

Medical Assets

Management & Tracking Solution

Time Clock

Time & Attendance Solution

Electronic Assets

Tracking & Tech Support Solution

Consignment & Delivery

Management & Tracking Solution

Beer Kegs

Time & Attendance Solution

TDA Student

Performance Tracking Solution

Beacyn News

Manage Workforce Onsite
For Onsite Employee Checkin / Checkout  (time and attendance) Beacyn’s Time clock app is simple to set up and easy
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Beacyn App For Driver Training Academy
Beacyn App can be used very successfully by Truck Driver’s Academy Monitor and track your Student’s Performance in all their
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Beer Keg Asset Management Solution
Never Misplace Another Keg Introduction: The BEACYN beer keg management software and mobile app enable tracking beer kegs in real-time.
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