Never Misplace Another Keg.

The BEACYN beer keg management software and mobile app enables tracking beer kegs in real-time possible. This provides breweries and suppliers the ability to know exactly where kegs are. This reduces the loss of kegs through the supply chain.

Why this is important;

  • Beer kegs are expensive, thus the need to secure them
  • Beer kegs often get lost along the supply chain
  • Stray beer kegs are difficult to identify and return
  • Traditional inventory keeping is complex and inefficient
  • Rental kegs are expensive and not budget friendly
  • Low accountability and responsibility of kegs mobility over the years.

Setup and Initialization process;

  • Each keg is assigned a unique ID in the system
  • The unique ID is etched or pasted
  • The ID is scanned using our mobile app in each stage of the supply chain
  • When scanned, the user, the actual location, and time is recorded in the app
  • Instant reports are generated from the dashboard
  • Works even without a cellular connection.
  • Works on iOS and Android devices


  • Accounts for the location of each keg at any time.
  • Easy inventory control
  • On-map real time tracking of each keg
  • Text and email alerts
  • Robust reports available and improved accuracy in data reports
  • No hardware necessary
  • Quick Setup
  • Cost effective
  • Prevents loss of kegs to theft