Benefits and Advantages

  • Subscription-based
  • High accountability for technicians
  • The program works in real-time
  • Inventory is easily managed
  • Text and email alerts for updates, if needed.
  • No hardware – everything works from app
  • Geolocation and Geofencing
  • Free iOS and Android App
  • Receive snapshots of each equipment’s location
  • Lost equipment can be easily traced
  • On-map tracking of each equipment
  • Robust reports available
  • Easy customization and quick setup

Awesome Features


  • Hidden charges if equipment not attended to as per terms of the lease
  • Difficulty tracking the end of the leasing period when a large number of items are involved
  • Challenge in managing service calls from equipment users as well as to providers
  • No clear responsibility and transparency
  • High administration cost to control Inventory


  • Each business has access to its web-based dashboard to manage their account.
  • All users use the iOS and Android Mobile app.
  • The app can handle multiple locations
  • The app can control many different machinery/device/equipment
  • You can customize multiple alerts for any Event Like
  • Lease Expiry,Service Alert,Payment alerts,Out of area check And a lot more…
  • Alerts can be by Email, or by Text messages to any number of people/departments
  • From the mobile app, you can track the equipment as it moves within a location or between multiple locations
  • Each time a piece of equipment changes hands/ownership/responsibility, it can be scanned and tracked
  • You can see the position of each of your assets on the Map
  • The app has global accessibility with geolocation capabilities.
  • A robust set of reports and analytics to monitor their equipment
  • Customize Text and Email Alerts from users during the equipment transit (if needed)


  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Laptops / Mobile Devices
  • Testing devices
  • Construction Equipment
  • Transport Vehicles
  • Service Vans

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