How it Works

  • A Unique QR code is generated for each consignment
  • The QR code is pasted or tagged to each consignment
  • This QR Code will be scanned using the free mobile app
  • The scanning will be done at each step of the delivery chain
  • On each scan, the person scanning, Actual location and time is recorded
  • The data is transmitted in real-time to the central server for instant reports
  • The app works even when no cellular connection is available, it records the correct data, but transfers when connection available.
  • Works on iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android devices


  • Easy customization and quick setup
  • If Delivery had multiple steps/stops in transit, this can track that as well.
  • Snapshot of each delivery location in real-time
  • High Accountability as the last ownership is recorded
  • Works In real-time
  • Tracking on the map
  • Get text or Email alerts if needed
  • Robust reports available
  • No Hardware needed
  • Subscription basis - cost effective


  • International Consignments
  • Hand Delivery consignments
  • "Last Mile" deliveries
  • Precious items hand delivery
  • Physical cash transfers
  • High-Value Consignments