Field Team Tracking

Here are the details of how the app will work for managing Employees in the field;

  • Admin will create a Scanner code (QR code) for Check-Ins and Check-Outs from the Beacyn application.
  • Admin also creates Beacyn Unique id for both Check-ins and Check-Outs for the team that may not have access to Scanning the QR code.
  • Each employee downloads the Beacyn app from the Apple store or Google Play Store on their respective smartphones.
  • Admin then proceeds to register each employee in the system with their respective cell phone numbers and email id (optional), an excel sheet feature have been created on the app for employees to upload their data in cases where the number of employees are large.
  • When employees get to field they check-in with the ID generated for each employee on the Beacyn mobile app.
  • When the employees are done from the field they use the Check-out feature in the same manner to sign out indicating the end of the day’s job.
  • The App tracks the Geo-location of each user apart from the cell phone numbers and Time scanned.
  • The app still works without cellular connection when scanning.
  • Admins can view the location of all their employees on the Map.

Manage Workforce Onsite

For Onsite Employee Checkin / Checkout  (time and attendance)

Beacyn’s Time clock app is simple to set up and easy to use


The employer creates a Scanner code (QR code) for CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT from the Beacyn application.

Then these scanning codes are printed and placed in a convenient place where the user can scan them.

Each user downloads the free Beacyn app from the Apple store or Google App Store on their cell phone.

The employer sets the employee up in the system with their cell phone number.


When employees come in, they scan the check-in scanner, when they leave, they scan the Check-out scanner. 

Employees can check-in/out for lunch time and break time and the app calculated their work and break accordingly

They received a text message of the hours they worked for that day (Optional – needs texting account setup)


Beacyn provides the employee data  that can either be exported periodically via excel Or directly to employee’s database/server via AP

The app can handle multiple locations, multiple accounts, and multiple employees.  It also works for employees moving between different locations.


  • Subscription-based – so very cost-effective
  • No Scanners/Hardware needed
  • Self-serving Web Portal
  • Works with and without internet
  • Quick set up. Start using in minutes
  • Geolocation and geofencing features
  • Instant updates
  • Works with iOS and Android devices including iPod​

Beacyn App For Driver Training Academy

Beacyn App can be used very successfully by Truck Driver’s Academy

  1. Monitor and track your Student’s Performance in all their activity.
  2. Manage Your student’s attendance
  3. It is Very cost-effective because it is on a subscription basis
  4. It has a robust dashboard for Business Analytics
  5. it has the ability to curate the activities you track and manage.
  6. Also, the ability to get custom exportable data 
  7. Highly customizable and very flexible
  8. We already have a trucking academy here in Southern California that is using this application for the above.


  1. Each of the training activities for the Driver that is timed admin can create a CHECK IN and CHECKOUT code. Activities like
    • Air Brake Inspection
    • Sight Side Reverse
    • Straight Line Reverse
    • Inspection
    • In Truck Not Driving
    • In-Cab Inspection
  2. These QR codes will be posted/put at a convenient place like inside the training truck
  3. Admin will add the students to the portal with their mobile number
  4. Students will use the free Beacyn app that can be downloaded from the app store
  5. They will scan the QR codes using the app.
  6. So when a student is going through these activities during the training, they are timed to record the number of Minutes (HH:MM) they took for these activities.
  7. All this data is then exported from our system to their system. 
  8. This way, they do not need to do a manual entry for all the students thus saving them a lot of time of the instructors as well as the admin staff.

Mobile Car Wash Mobile App

A major car wash company in Los Angeles started using the Beacyn app to make it easy for their customers to reach them.


A Beacyn code was generated from the mobile app which they shared with both new and existing customers.

The generated code sent the customers allows the users to send the company the following details;

  • Vehicle Make and Model and
  • The type of service they need.

When their customers need their cars washed, all they need to do is launch the already installed Beacyn app from their smartphones, enter the make, model and the service they need. 

The customer can also make payments for the services via the app using their credit cards

This is making it very convenient for the customers to reach the car wash company and order the kind of service they need at no extra cost.

Immediately the car wash company gets the order placed by the customer from the mobile application, the customer’s details (name, phone number and location from which the order was made) pops up on the company’s end. The order is handled immediately saving the customer the stress of driving down to the car wash company.

Customers also are also entitled to referral bonus when they refer the company to family and friend using their unique code.


Easy Access to Janitorial Services

A major Janitorial Services company in New Orleans started using the Beacyn app to make it easy for their customers to reach them

  • They created a Beacyn code from the app which they share with all their existing customers.
  • The code allows the users to send the company the following details
  • Number of Rooms and Square footage of work.
  • When their customers need their Janitorial Services, all they do is to open the Beacyn app, enter the details needed. Making it very easy for the customers
  • Instantly the message is sent to the Janitorial company along with the customer’s phone and location which enables the company to attend to the order. Making it easy for them along with being cost saving.
  • If customers want to refer the company to their friends, all they need is to share the code with them.
  • The company also prints the Beacyn code on their marketing materials.