About Us

Welcome to Beacyn

Beacyn is developed by a team of highly trained software engineers. It was found imperative to develop a mobile application designing tool that allows businesses (start-ups and already established business) and organizations design customized mobile applications, tailored to fit and cater for their operational needs. Our major goal is to deliver I.T solutions to new and existing businesses, give them an online presence that affords them the opportunity of managing their business conveniently and a platform to reach their clients/customers just from their smartphones with convenience, in other for these businesses to thrive and standout in the rapidly evolving commercial society.

Over the years, a lot of businesses have found it expensive designing applications customized to their precise specification to reach potential clients easily and manage business operations efficiently. This is as a result of how high-priced hiring a software engineer or technology company is, and how difficult it has become to design an applications tailored meet the business or organization’s precise specification. As a result, a lot of these businesses shutdown at conception or soon after they launch because of how expensive it is to develop customized applications to manage business operations efficiently.

Beacyn, an edge cutting and innovative platform allows businesses design applications themselves tailored to their precise specification at cost next to nothing, as no coding process is involved. It handles all the services that businesses offer, at a modest rate. Thus, saving businesses and organizations a lot of resources (time and money). Hence, giving them a shot at designing customized applications with inbuilt features to manage business operations conveniently from a smartphone.

The Beacyn mobile application is available on all mobile platforms (Android and iOS), and can be downloaded from the Google Play store and Apple store respectively.