About Us

Welcome to Beacyn

Beacyn is developed by a team of highly trained software engineers. It was found imperative to develop a mobile application designing tool that allows businesses (start-ups and already established business) and organizations design customized mobile applications, tailored to fit and cater for their operational needs. Our major goal is to deliver I.T solutions to new and existing businesses, give them an online presence that affords them the opportunity of managing their business conveniently and a platform to reach their clients/customers just from their smartphones with convenience, in other for these businesses to thrive and standout in the rapidly evolving commercial society.

Our Mission

Beacyn grew out of the vision to create a universal application developing tool that is inexpensive and affordable allowing individuals and businesses with little or no knowledge in software coding the chance to design their own custom made applications tailored to users’ specifications as no coding is involved in the process.

We offer our users the ability to identify and visualize what they need, live that idea by designing a customized application to that purpose and launch immediately. It saves cost in terms of time and resources.

Our major aim is to deliver result based services and expand our client base through an impeccable track record and unmatched client satisfaction. 

We hope you will find Beacyn a useful tool for your business as well as your personal life. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions at all times.

Why Choose us ?

With beacyn, you can create custom mobile apps tailored for your business in minutes. Some use cases are
  • Consignments & Hand Delivery
  • Electronic & Mobile Assets
  • Onsite & Field Employees
  • Security Personnel
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Order Management
  • Performance Tracking
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Mobile Businesses Marketing
  • ...... and a lot more

Top Level Features

Build Your Own Custom Mobile Apps in Minutes

Asset Tracking Apps

Time & Attendance Apps

Data Collection Apps

Real Estate






Communication Apps

Use Cases

Medical Assets

Management & Tracking Solution

Time Clock

Time & Attendance Solution

Electronic Assets

Tracking & Tech Support Solution

Consignment & Delivery

Management & Tracking Solution

Beer Kegs

Time & Attendance Solution

TDA Student

Performance Tracking Solution

Beacyn News

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Electronic & Mobile Devices
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Field Team Tracking
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